Egyptian Qaris Union’s Laws to Be Amended

13:45 - January 02, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Union of Quran Reciters in Egypt said it is reviewing its laws and amending some of them.

Quran recitation in Egypt


According to the union, the amendment are aimed at regulating Quran recitation for non-members in the country’s governorates, RT Arabic reported.

Sheikh Mohamed Salih Hashad, the head of the union, said a special committee has been set up to finalize the amendments.

He said they would be presented to the Ministry of Awqaf for approval.

According to one of the amendments, Quran recitation in ceremonies and mourning processions will be limited to members of the union.

Last week, Hashad said that anyone who wishes to join the union from then on must have learned the entire Quran by heart.

He said the decision is intended to prevent some who seek fame and financial gains from joining the union.

Sheikh Hashad said the union has some 9,000 members, adding that no one will be allowed to violate the rules and if any member does so, he will be referred to the disciplinary committee.

He also noted that during a recent meeting, it was decided that when the Quran is recited during mourning rituals and in funeral processions, qaris should prevent commotion and make sure that people not make noises.




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