VIDEO: Iranian Qari Recites Quran in Turkey

12:36 - February 28, 2022
News ID: 3477988
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian qari Vahid Nazarian recited verses from the Holy Quran during a recent visit to Turkey.

Vahid Nazarian


He recited verses from Surah Ash-Shams during a ceremony organized at the mosque in the presidential palace complex in Ankara’s Bestepe district.

The ceremony was held earlier this month on the occasion of Laylat al-Raghaib, also known as Night of Wishes.

It is annually organized in Ankara on Laylat al-Raghaib with the participation of qaris from different Muslim countries.

Laylat Al-Raghaib falls on the first Thursday night of the month of Rajab in the lunar Hijri calendar.

It is believed that every wish, request and hope will be fulfilled if asked for on Laylat al-Raghaib.

Raghaib comes from the root “regabe” in Arabic, which means to desire, seek or tend toward.