Egyptian Qari Inspired by Former Stars of Recitation

14:23 - March 02, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Mahmoud Hassan al-Naimrawi is an Egyptian qari who has tried to follow the styles of former eminent reciters of the country.

Mahmoud Hassan al-Naimrawi


Nimrawi started learning the Quran at the age of five, going to the local Quran experts in his home village in the Gharbia Governorate, Al-Ahed News reported.

Before finishing high school, he both memorized the entire Quran and achieved mastery over Quran recitation.

He says his main goal is to join the Quran Radio, where some of the Arab country’s most renowned qaris have recited the Quran.

Nimrawi has met with and tried to learn more from some of them, including Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud al-Tiblawi, Sheikh Abdul Fattah al-Taruti, Sheikh Mohammad Hamed al-Siklawi and Sheikh Mahmoud Mohammad al-Khisht.

He says though that he has been inspired mostly by one of the most prominent qaris of all times Sheikh Mustaf Ismail (died in December 1978).





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