8:54 - May 10, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Holy Quran introduces four families either as role models or as a lesson.

Muslim family


The first family mentioned in the Quran is the most magnificent one and a sacred role model for the world. It is the family of Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Zahra (SA).

They are at the highest level of goodness and purity and the best role models for men and women. This is a family that has raised Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS).

When the husband and wife are like this and the foundation of their marriage is divine, they raise the best children in the history of humanity.

Another family introduced in the Quran, is quite the opposite. It is one mentioned in the Holy Book as an Ibra (a lesson). The husband and wife are at the highest level of evilness and wickedness. It is the family of Abu Lahab and his wife. The Quran has in a Surah introduced them as evil persons who are damned forever.

The third kind of family is one in which the man is a good person and the woman a bad one. The Quran mentioned the family of Prophet Nuh (Noah) and Prophet Lut (Lot) as examples of this type. The wife of Noah and the wife of Lut had deviated beliefs.

The fourth kind is a family of a good woman and a bad man, such as the pharaoh and his wife. In this family, the man who claimed to be a god and stubbornly opposed the prophet of God. But in such a family, the woman remains faithful to God and kept her faith intact.

If a man or woman go astray, they cannot blame their wife or husband for their deviation because we have examples in the Quran that show that one can keep moving on the right path regardless of their spouse’s conduct and belief.

Those who are not pious in the world will be in trouble in the hereafter and their family, children, and wealth would not help them on the Day of Judgment.

The Quran, however, promised that if the husband and wife are God-fearing and pious, they will be together in paradise.

The Holy Book also emphasizes the role of father and mother as the two pivots in the family and their status that necessitates respect.



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