Directives Issued for Offering Prayers at Bangladeshi Mosques amid Surge in Coronavirus Cases

11:18 - June 29, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – New guidelines have been issued in Bangladesh for offering prayers at mosques amid the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

Worshippers at a mosque in Bangladesh


The country’s Ministry of Religious Affairs on Tuesday imposed the rules in light of recommendations made by the Health Services Division.

The directives are:

Mosque authorities should ensure that there are enough soaps and water for handwashing.

Worshipers must wear masks before entering the mosque.

People must abide by health rules, including social distancing, at all places of worship.

Muslims should perform ablution and offer Sunnah prayers at home. They should wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds while performing ablution.

Mosques should not use carpets. Entire mosques should be disinfected before the five daily prayers.

Worshippers have to bring in their own prayer mats.

Social distancing must be maintained during prayers. Those involved in providing services to children, the elderly and sick people should refrain from praying in congregation.

Those violating these directives could face legal action, the ministry warned.




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