What Quran Says about Rights, Status of Man, Woman in Family

9:27 - August 13, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Men and women are different and have different characteristics and abilities naturally and intrinsically. It is these very differences that makes formation of the family possible.

Status of man and woman in Islam


Islam has paid special attention to the rights and status of men and women in family life. Given their capabilities and characteristics, man and woman each play different roles and take different responsibilities in their personal, family and social life. One of the responsibilities is guardianship of the family, which Islam has given to men.

Among the verses of the Quran talking about this issue is verse 34 of Surah An-Nisa: “Men are the protectors of women because of the greater preference that God has given to some of them and because they financially support them. Among virtuous women are those who are steadfast in prayer and dependable in keeping the secrets that God has protected. Admonish women who disobey (God's laws), do not sleep with them and beat them. If they obey (the laws of God), do not try to find fault in them. God is High and Supreme.”

God, who has created men and women and is the One who knows best about their characteristics, mindset, personality and capabilities, says man is the one that should be responsible to be the guardian of the family.

Some may think this is an injustice to women. If so, what would be the solution? If women were to be the guardian of the family, some would say it is an injustice to men. The fact is that man and woman each are superior in their special characteristics and this does not mean one is better than the other or one should be held in contempt.

The Quran says in verse 32 of Surah An-Nisa: “Do not wish for the bounty which Allah has preferred one of you above another. For men is a share of what they earn, and for women is a share of what they earn. Ask Allah of His Bounty. Allah has knowledge of all things.” This means that the world has been created in the best way and in this world everyone should fulfil his or her own responsibility for the system to work best.

Women are responsible for raising the children and this, unlike working outside the home, requires peace of mind and calm. Men are at the service of women and responsible for setting the ground for them to reach this peace of mind and calm.


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