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Religious Faith A Major Factor in Giving Hope, Preventing Suicide

10:32 - November 22, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – If religion is considered as a plan and style of life, it is clear that a believer lives a life full of purpose, hope and joyfulness. Such a person will never find a reason to think of committing suicide.

Religious Faith A Major Factor in Giving Hope, Preventing Suicide


In a study conducted by American researchers, which was the first in its kind until 2004, they examined the link between suicide and religion. A large number of people who sought to commit suicide or had attempted suicide and survived, were chosen for this study.

Questions from these individuals and their relatives and friends about their religious and social backgrounds revealed that most of them were irreligious.

In another study whose results were published in the American Journal of Psychology, the important role of religious teachings in reducing the rate of suicide was emphasized. The results also showed that marriage and having children, being joyful and stability in social relations play roles in giving hope and dissuading people from thinking about suicide.

Some of the conclusions in this study are as follows:

The rate of suicide among atheists is the highest.

The rate of suicide is higher among unmarried people than those who are married.

Those who have children are less likely to commit suicide.

Atheists have a more aggressive behavior than others.

Those who are religious are less angry, aggressive and irritable.

Religion helps one better endure difficulties and stresses in life and reduces the possibility of psychological problems.

Atheists are the most likely to have a broken life and lack social relationships and, therefore, thinking about suicide is easier for them.

This study had a final recommendation: Religious culture is a proper treatment for the phenomenon of suicide. The study also stressed that religion is a major factor in preventing depression and hopelessness.  

It can be concluded that faith, marriage, and having children are factors that keep people with psychological problems away from suicide.

Of course, this study was conducted among non-Muslims because Muslims are very rarely exposed to this phenomenon as Islam strictly prohibits suicide.

You may have heard about famous American writer Dale Carnegie’s suicide. He committed suicide after writing so many books and gaining wealth and fame for the simple reason that he did not have any purpose in life.

Now after reading the results of these studies, the message of Muslims to every irreligious person to use their mind and think about these scientific facts that prove atheists are the most hopeless people with a high rate of suicide among them. They are rarely happy and calm because of their distance from religion. One should return to the language of science, reason and logic. Muslims recommend acting based on this amazing prayer: “Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate from Your guidance, and grant us mercy. You are the Most Awarding One.” (Surah Al Imran, Verse 8)





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