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How Endurance and Religion Are Related?

10:12 - November 28, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – People’s lives are full of unexpected challenges and hardships. Each individual, based on his conditions and status, faces various personal, family and social difficulties and problems but not all individuals bear and endure them similarly.

How Endurance and Religion Are Related?


Negative emotions, which are among the main emotions we face in life, impose enormous costs on individuals and families all over the world. Sorrow, sadness, stress, anxiety and depression are some of the negative emotions.

As for what causes such emotions, it should be said that all of us have similar reactions when facing negative events or sever happenings. For example we get sad when we lose something or someone and this sadness could grow to such an intensity that it would affect our life and conduct.

Sometimes fear dominates our life or we grow worried about not reaching our objectives in life. Or perhaps others trample on our rights and make us sad and angry.

We cannot live without having problems and facing challenges. Even our closest relatives may do things that we do not expect and consider to be unpleasant. This is a fact of life that sadness and suffering are part of our life and cannot be eliminated totally. It is also a fact that sadness usually lasts long and joyfulness is short-lived. This is the nature of life.

According to studies conducted by psychologists, there is direct link between psychological health and values. Values tell us how much we can endure psychological pain and sadness. So the level of bearing and enduring problems and hardships is dependent on our value system. That is why psychologists try to enhance people’s level of endurance against problems and difficulties by increasing the baseline value.

The relation between psychological health and religion and relationship with God is very important here. If this relation is robust, one will be strong in bearing hardships. Also, one’s relationship with God gives him hope and helps him get out of sadness more easily.

Another important issue is understating the factors that lead to sadness, stress and sorrow. One of these factors is Satan and evil thoughts that infiltrate our hearts. When we are sad and distressed, our relationship with God gets weak and under such conditions, the path opens for Satan’s infiltration. God says in the Holy Quran:

“Satan threatens you with poverty and commands you to commit sin. God promises you forgiveness and favors. God is Munificent and All-knowing.” (Surah al-Baqarah, Verse 268)  





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