Taqwa; A Safe Stronghold for Humans

10:45 - November 26, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Humans need a shield to protect themselves against worldly temptations. This shield is called Taqwa (piety) in Islam and makes man consider God in any of their acts.


Taqwa is a sort of self-control. As humans are afraid of threats, they come to a stronghold so as to enjoy divine protection.

Those who walk on the path of God have been likened to those who wear the clothing of Taqwa. This is spiritual clothing that gives humans value and becomes a source of assessment. “The noblest of you before Allah is the most righteous of you. Allah is the Knower, the Aware.” (Surah Al-Hujurat, verse 13)

Equipped with this clothing, one can set foot on the path of God. When Adam and Eve defied God’s orders, they lost this clothing.

Taqwa prepares the ground for repentance so it means to obey God. It also means to be grateful and patient because these two traits lead to the infiltration of faith in one’s heart.

Any act that is done with pure intention, belief in God, and resurrection, is surely based on Taqwa. “Those who lower their voice in the presence of the Messenger of Allah are those whose hearts Allah has tested for warding off (evil). They shall receive forgiveness and a great wage.” (Surah Al-Hujurat, verse 3)

Taqwa is the best thing that one can carry from this world to the next. Only those deeds and behaviors that are based on Taqwa will remain influential in this trip.



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