Thousands of Iranian Inmates Memorized Quran During Imprisonment: Official

12:31 - April 24, 2024
News ID: 3488066
IQNA – Thousands of inmates in Iranian prisons have managed to commit the entire or parts of the Holy Quran to their memories during imprisonment, head of Iran’s Prisons’ Organization said.


Quranic programs are at the “forefront” of initiatives that aim to decrease the number of repeat offenders, Gholamali Mohammadi told IQNA on Wednesday. 

The Quran is the book of life and guidance, he said, adding that 518 Dar al-Quran centers have been established in prisons across the country to bring the Quran into prisons.

Many inmates, previously unfamiliar with the Quran, have discovered its teachings while in prison, he said, adding that the Quranic curriculum covers lessons in recitation, memorization, and interpretation.

Thanks to these programs, a significant number of inmates have achieved remarkable milestones in Quranic memorization, Mohammadi said, adding that 1,517 have memorized selected verses, 2,362 have memorized selected surahs, 482 have memorized three juzes, 252 have memorized five juzes, 147 have memorized 10 juzes, 75 have memorized 15 juzes, 67 have memorized 20 juzes, and 72 have committed the entire Quran to their memories.

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To motivate inmates to engage with the Quran, participation in these programs is linked to legal benefits, stressed the official. Some inmates have even avoided capital punishment by qualifying for amnesty through their dedication to the Quran, he said.

To date, five Quranic competitions have been organized in prisons, provincially, and regionally, he noted.