Palestinians Hail UN Blacklisting of Israeli Regime

11:34 - June 08, 2024
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IQNA – Palestinian officials and resistance groups welcomed a decision by the United Nations to add the Israeli regime to the ‘List of Shame’ for killing children in the war on Gaza.

The UN report on children and armed conflicts will be sent to the Security Council on June 14.


The United Nations on Friday added the Israeli regime’s military to the world body’s annual “list of shame” that features the offenders committing deadly violations against children, on Friday. 

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli regime’s UN envoy, was officially notified of the decision that has been made by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The list is attached to a report on children and armed conflicts that the UN chief submits to the UN Security Council each year.

The report covers such atrocities as killing and maiming children, subjecting them to sexual abuse, abducting or recruiting children, denial of aid access, and targeting schools and hospitals.

Reacting to the UN decision, the Palestinian Authority (PA) called it the right move to punish the Tel Aviv regime.

It is also in line with holding Israel to account and bringing an end to its crimes against Palestinians, the PA said, according to Wafa news agency.

The Palestinian Authority added that the decision to blacklist Israel shows the isolation of the Zionist regime and its main supporter, the United States, in the international arena, following the growing trend of recognition of the State of Palestine in the world.

Izzat al-Risheq, a senior member of the Hamas resistance movement’s political bureau, also welcomed the UN move.

He said the Israeli regime’s inclusion in the “List of Shame” for its killing of Palestinian kids has enraged the regime’s army, prime minister, and other officials.

He noted that Israel is now isolated and being prosecuted in international courts.

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Hamas had earlier called on the UN to blacklist the Israeli regime over its continuous mass killing of innocent Palestinian children.

“This fascist entity has committed the most heinous crimes and horrific massacres against the Palestinian people, especially innocent children who have been and continue to be direct targets of this Nazi entity's terrorism and criminality,” the resistance movement said in a statement on Tuesday.

The UN report, which is compiled by Virginia Gamba, Guterres' special representative for children and armed conflict, will be sent to the Security Council on June 14.

On Friday, the government in the Gaza Strip reported that, since the onset of the Israeli regime’s onslaught on the coastal enclave, the Israeli military has killed more than 15,510 children.

It added that more than 17,000 Gazan children have so far also lost either one or both parents.

Around 3,500 Gaza children are, meanwhile, struggling with widespread malnutrition that has been caused by the war, it concluded.