Iran’s Army Is One that Serves Quran: Cleric

15:53 - January 19, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army is one that acts upon the Holy Quran and protects and serves the Holy Book, a senior cleric said.  

Hojat-ol-Islam Abbas Mohammadhassani


Hojat-ol-Islam Abbas Mohammadhassani, the head of the Amy’s Ideo-Political Organization, made the remark at a ceremony held in Tehran on Thursday to mark the conclusion of the 42nd Quran competition of the Army staff, conscripts and university students.  

He added that Iran’s Army is always victorious and undefeatable because it is a Quranic Army and is connected to the Holy Book.

Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammadhassani hailed the Quranic atmosphere in the Army and congratulated all of the members of the Army who are involved in the field of Quranic activities and those who took part in the competition.

He said Quran contests are the only competitions in which there is no loser because all of those who enter this field are winners.

The cleric added that anyone who is acquainted with the Quran, his personal and social life will be filled with light.

According to Colonel Mehdi Meydani, head of the Quran, Etrat and Prayer Department of the Army’s Ideo-Political Organization, this year’s competition was held in three stages, with 367 individuals making it to the final round.

He said they competed in several categories, including Quran recitation, Tarteel, memorization (at different levels), and Tafsir (Quran interpretation).

Winners of different categories were awarded cash prizes and certificates of honor at the closing ceremony.

Iran’s Army Is One that Serves Quran: Cleric




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