Muhammad; Most Popular Baby Name in 2021 in Kyrgyzstan

11:35 - December 20, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Latest statistics indicated that Muhammad has been the most popular boy name in Kyrgyzstan in the year 2021.


Omar, Ali, Amir, Balal, Alikhan, Alinour, Nour-Islam, Emir, and Othman rank next in the list of most popular baby names for boys.

On the other hand, Salehe has been named the most popular baby name for girls while Riana, Ameneh, Fatemeh, Ayayeen, Alieh, Safiyeh, Eruzat, Khadijeh, and Alfieh stand next.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country with mountainous terrain in Central Asia. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. Its capital and largest city is Bishkek. Muslims constitute 80% of the population of the country.



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