Surahs of Quran/4
10:16 - May 23, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The role that women play in society and family is among important issues in Islam. The sign of this importance can be spotted in the fourth Surah of the Holy Quran as it has been dedicated to women.


Surah An-Nisa has been revealed in Medina and it is expected to pay more attention to social issues. This chapter bears 176 verses and is situated in Juzes four to six of the Quran.

It has been named Nisa (women) because it carries a host of rules about women. The term “Nisa” has been repeated 20 times in this chapter. 

Among the most important topics of discussion in the Surah, one can point to the ban on the forced takeover of women’s assets (verses 19-21), different types of women and rules regarding marriage with them (verses 127-130), and legal difference between men and women (32-35). The Surah also talks about rules regarding marriage and inheritance while also referring to some points about prayers, jihad, and testifying.

The Quran names a host of rights for women that were not known at the time. One of them is recognizing the financial rights of women.

The Surah stresses protecting the family as the most important social unit while also describing marriage as a factor that can protect society. 

Furthermore, Surah An-Nisa refers to two important historic stories; one of them is about Satan’s oath to misguide the man (verses 118-120) and the other is about the deviations of Israelites such as their asking of Moses to show God to them, the golden calf, murdering of prophets, and accusations against Hazrat Maryam (SA).

The chapter also warns believers of plots and animosities of enemies, highlighting the need for all-out readiness and confrontation with enemies in various fields.


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