Surahs of Quran/16

Surah An-Nahl: Highlighting Countless Blessings of God  

8:35 - July 03, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – God’s blessings are countless. Some reflect on them and some are indifferent. Surah An-Nahl of the Holy Quran enumerates a few of divine blessings, inviting people to reflect on them in order for their spiritual growth.

Honey bee


Surah An-Nahl is the 16th chapter of the Quran. It is a Makki chapter and is the 70th Surah revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It has 128 verses and is in the 14th Juz of the Holy Book.

The known name of the Surah is An-Nahl, meaning honey bee, as its verse 68 mentions honey bees. This Surah highlights many divine blessings and gifts and makes a brief, meaningful and amazing mention of honey bee, referring to some of its features and leaving it to the reader to discover some others.

The main focus of the Surah is highlighting divine blessings, including rain, sunshine, various plants and fruits, foods and animals. This is aimed at inviting people to thankfulness, contemplation, submission to divine commandments and remembering.

Another part of Surah An-Nahl elaborates on different Islamic rules such as those related to Adl (justice), Ihsan (doing good deeds), Hijra (migration), Jihad (struggle on the path of God), prohibition of vice, oppression, injustice, break of promises, and invitation to be thankful to God for His gifts. Several verses of the Surah name Prophet Ibrahim (AS), the champion of Tawheed (monotheism), as a thankful servant of God.

Among the Islamic rules pointed out in this chapter are those that say drinking wine and blood and eating pork and dead animals’ meat are Haram (forbidden).

Also mentioned in this Surah is the obligation for Jews to honor Saturday (the Sabbath). It says in verse 124 that God made Saturday a holiday for Jews, and that some of them were obedient and thankful to God for this while some others disobeyed God and were punished.




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